Nomad 12 Mixer/Recorder - The brawn behind the brains!  8 Channels of AES Digital Audio and 4 Channels of Analog.  Poly wav or MP3 with Timecode stamp.  Zaxnet wireless controls transmitter frequencies, gain control and camera hops right from the bag!


My Package

Mack’s Yasgur Productions, McKinney, TX 75071     972-978-8855     ©2018

Loon 8.5’ collapsable to 2’ Boompole - Perfect for reality shoots!  smooth, quiet and unobtrusive.  Mounted with a Neumann KMR 81i with Rykote Softie for and Cinela Piano windscreen for those windy days.

Ultrasone Pro 750 Headphones - Great reference cans for clear and true monitoring in all environments.

Support Gear - Things I keep in my bag - Producer’s iPhone, iPad and Droid charging station - Batteries - every cable imaginable - Producer’s headphones - MovieSlate app for iPhone with Sound Department and Timecode plugins for Producer’s reports - IPad Air - Frequency Finder and Lectro RM apps for wireless management.  If there is anything that I would need that I don’t have, I can rent from multiple sources locally and nationally.  Give me a call at 972-978-8855 to discuss your next shoot.

Wireless Package - Take advantage of state of the art wireless solutions.  I can manage up to 10 wireless lavs, handhelds or line feeds or a combination of them all.  Receivers are powered by my Battery Distribution System and my Note 8 manages the frequency matrix.  All transmitters record in the transmitter for crucial out of range back ups.  I can supply camera hops and an antenna distribution system if needed.  I can also throw my Zaxcom ERX2 with TIMECODE IFB’s in the mix if needed.  Please call me at 972-978-8855 to discuss how I can build a package to suit your needs. 

MacBook Pro - Fully loaded with FCP and Pro Tools.  I carry 2 external drives to transfer footage and audio to on overnight shoots complete with all of the cables

Microphones- Matched pair of Oktava MK 012



PIcs and Vids