Nomad 10 Mixer/Recorder - The brawn behind the brains!  10 channel mixer with all the bells and whistles that records 10 ISO channels to compact flash cards.  Timecode in and out, playback control and a battery package to last all day.


My Package

Mack’s Yasgur Productions, McKinney, TX 75071     972-978-8855     ©2013

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Loon 8.5’ collapsable to 2’ Boompole - Perfect for reality shoots!  smooth, quiet and unobtrusive.  Mounted with a Neumann KMR i 81 with Rykote Softie for high quality pickup in all conditions.

Ultrasone Pro 750 Headphones - Great reference cans for clear and true monitoring in all environments.

Support Gear - Things I keep in my bag - Producer’s iPhone, iPad and Droid charging station - Batteries - every cable imaginable - Producer’s headphones - MovieSlate app for iPhone with Sound Department and Timecode plugins for Producer’s reports - IPad Air - Frequency Finder and Lectro RM apps for wireless management.  If there is anything that I would need that I don’t have, I can rent from multiple sources locally and nationally.  Give me a call at 972-978-8855 to discuss your next shoot.

Wireless Package - Take advantage of state of the art wireless solutions.  I can manage up to 10 wireless lavs, handhelds or line feeds or a combination of them all.  Receivers are powered by my Battery Distribution System and my iPhone manages the frequency matrix.  I can supply camera hops and an antenna distribution system if needed.  I can also throw my Zaxcom ERX2 with TIMECODE IFB’s in the mix if needed.  Please call me at 972-978-8855 to discuss how I can build a package to suit your needs.  Lectrosonics SRb’s and SMQV’s are my preference.

MacBook Pro - Fully loaded with FCP and Pro Tools.  I carry 2 external drives to transfer footage and audio to on overnight shoots complete with all of the cables

Microphones- Matched pair of Oktava MK 012