Boom Operator - I can run and gun with the best of them.  Whether it’s reality based and I am wearing my Nomad 12 on my chest or interview based and my pole is mounted in a C stand, I keep the boom out of the shot while capturing the best audio signal possible.  AND I record it for you with a timecode jam to the camera.  I can send a wireless stereo hop or use a breakout cable to hardwire directly to the camera.


Here’s what I do

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Field Mixer - With my Nomad 12 mixer, I can mix AND record up to twelve ISO tracks of audio in 16 or 24 bit MONO or POLY WAV files.  I have 6 pre amps and 6 line in feeds and can supply up to 10 direct outputs, wired or wireless, pre or post fader.  I can set the bus routing on the fly and send hops to your multi-camera setup.  I have a host of notch filters available so I can make the best of a bad environment if needed.  I can supply a timecode jam or receive one and I have batteries to last all day and at the end of the day, I can supply the producer the sound files as well as a sound report for easy importing to post production.

DSLR Audio Support - We all know the difficulties in syncing external audio to DSLR shoots.  My solution lends itself nicely to make the post production workflow a piece of cake!  I can send padded timecode to the camera or I use my iPad Air to slate the takes.  I hold the slate in front of the scene, hit the clapper and get a visual cue as well as a slate clap on the audio.  Whether I’m just booming or have a host of talent with wireless lav’s, syncing your beautiful image with my beautiful sound is effortless no matter which NLE you use!

Camera Assist - Being in the business to supply audio to many different types of cameras, I have to familiarize myself with a multitude of camera’s. My service here comes in really handy to the DP’s who are also the main shooter.  I help in setting and moving camera positions, change lenses (with and without Matte boxes), white balance, set audio levels, jam sync other cameras as well as audio devices, slate for the camera and offer any and all support to the shooter (I know when to step in and hold the camera on long shoots!)

Grip and Gaff - When working with DP’s, knowing how to set the scene with lighting and tools such as knowing which stand and apple boxes to use can make the production seem to go like a dream.  Although I can do much more than this, I have no problem jumping in and getting things done!

So for your next shoot, why not add my multi talents to your team and see how much easier your life can be!  Rates, references and pre production planning can be discussed by calling me at 972-978-8855 or email at



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