Jeff Mack Location Sound Mixer

Jeff Mack Location Sound Mixer

Jeff Mack Location Sound MixerJeff Mack Location Sound MixerJeff Mack Location Sound Mixer

Based in Dallas/Ft. Worth


About Me

Jeff Mack, Audio Mixer

What I Do

I provide location sound to the broadcast industry since 2009.  I have worked for News, Reality, Corporate, Narrative and Docu Series and Dramas 

Career Highlights

My first big break was landing a spot as 2nd mixer on the Duck Dynasty Show in 2013. From there I worked on the Real Housewives franchise, Gold Rush, Fast N Loud, 20/20, 48 Hours and Dateline and everything you can imagine in-between such as:

  • ABC, CBS, NBC Nightly News 
  • Great Food Truck Race, Food Court Wars
  • Misfit Garage, Dallas Car Sharks,  Texas Motor Speedway, Mecum Dealmakers, Garage Rehab, Street Outlaws, Car Chasers
  • House Hunters, Great Christmas Light Fight, Tiny House Nation, Texas Flip N Move, Rockstar Renovator
  • Texas A&M Soccer, 30 for 30, Michael Sam Documentary, Deion's Family Playbook, TCU, MaxPreps
  • Deadly Wives, My Dirty Little Secret, Dr. Phil, Caught On Camera, Epic Mysteries, Crime Watch Daily, Snapped
  • CORPORATE - Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Gamestop, Friendly Chevrolet, Hewlett Packard, Cargill, Pursuit Channel, TCU, Sonic Restaurants, Buick, Essilor, Michael Johnson Performance Center, Texas Health Center, American Heart Assoc., Gaylord Texan Hotel, Great Wolf Lodge, YRC Frieght, PGA Golf, JC Penney, Ulta 

My Gear

Zaxcom Nova Mixer

Nova, Audio Mixer, Wireless Audio, Zaxcom

This Brand new state of the art mixer has everything in ONE box - 8 Wireless Receivers, a Micplexer, and an IFB transmitter.  NOVA has the ability to change talents frequencies and gain from the mixer.  Never again do I have to stop production and dig into their pockets to change a Freq! 

Zaxcom ZMT3X Wireless

ZMT, ZMT 3X, Wireless Audio, Zaxcom, Wireless Transmitter

This wireless transmitter is tiny and the longer lasting battery on the market - 12 HOURS!  The case is sealed in a rubberized coating so it is water and dust resistant and I use DPA 6061 and Sanken Cos 11 lavs - but the most wonderful thing is that the transmitters actuallylly RECORD inside!.  So hen talent is normally out of range . . . NOT Here! 

Zaxcom URX 100 Receiver

URX, URX 100, Wireless Audio, Wireless Receiver, IFB, Zaxcom, Mono Hop, Camera Hop

The URX 100 is the next generation Mono Camera Hop and Producer IFB in one.  I can set up a preset frequency for each camera transmitter AND talent wireless.  A simple button push can switch cameras or dial in individual talent wireless transmitters.  It's especially helpful for producers to isolate talent in loud environments. 

Zaxcom RX200 Stereo Camera Receiver

RX 200, Wireless Audio, Wireless Audio Receiver, Zaxcom, Stereo Camera Hop

The RX 200 can receive a mono or stereo signal WITH timecode.  It can power off of the camera's battery or will work on 4 AA batteries for true remote flexibility. 

Zaxcom TRX 743 Wireless Boom/Hop Transmitter

TRX 743, Mono Cone, Stereo Cone, Wireless Audio, Transmitter, Hop Transmitter, Zaxcom, Stereo Transmitter

The TRX 743 was originally made for wireless booming.  It also makes perfect sense to also use it as a hop transmitter.  It has a interchangeable stereo cone for those times when you need a 2 channel mix to camera. s

Zaxcom ERX 3 TCD

ERX, ERX 3 TCD, Timecode Display, IFB, Zaxcom, ERX 2

These ERX 3 with the timecode display are especially great for story editors.  Simply push the TC button and the timecode freezes so you can make note of the scene.  Press it again and it snaps  back to live timecode. 


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